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At Ground Control Web Solutions, Stellar Care of Your Site, is Our Mission!  We are passionate about our customers, and we will go to the moon and back for you.

As a small business owner, building and maintaining your website is not your primary focus.  It IS our focus!  We love to vaporize the uncertainties and guess work in making sure your online presence is attractive, fully functional, and ready for orbit!

Let us be your Ground Control while you focus on your mission!

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Sure you can buy a website- but who’s gonna fly it?  The answer is Ground Control Web Solutions!  We have been caring for small business websites, blogs, social media, and e-commerce stores for over 10 years and we have the expertise to ensure your site is properly maintained, secured, and cared for.

We pride ourselves on Stellar Customer Care, which is why this service is first on our list.  If you’re paying someone else to host or care for your site, we’ll beat that price and offer superior service to ensure you never have to call and say “There’s something wrong”!



A website to represent your business is an absolute must in this space-time continuum.  Like a trip to the moon and back, web design and development can be a complicated process.  We make it push-button-easy to launch your site into orbit!

We remove the unknowns from this mission with a process that will have you referring clients to your sparkling new website at warp speed!




Having a site is one thing, but if no one comes to see it, you might as well be sending smoke signals!  Our communication products will ensure that your current and future customers will keep you top of mind.

  • Newsletter Curation & Management
  • Social Presence Setup and Content Generation
  • Local Marketing Registration and Management
  • Lead Capture & Audience Management
  • On-site SEO – we’ll make sure you’re site is sending the right messages to the interwebs.