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How We Shoot For The Stars

Success is not an accident.  We have done this before, and we have a plan!  Buckle-up.  It’s going to be fun!

Mission Briefing

I’ll ask the tough questions to discover why you need a new website and what you plan to accomplish.  Some of these questions might be uncomfortable, because chances are you haven’t thought of them before.  That’s my job!  Think of the things you haven’t and make sure they don’t surprise us later.

Site Map

Once I have all the information needed, I’ll put together a visual sitemap that will get us in the same solar system.  We’ll have a shared understanding about what we’re trying to communicate to your customers and the optimal way to structure that information.


Now, rather than me trying to tell you what I’ll build, and hoping you understand the nerd speak that goes with this territory, I’ll build an interactive prototype that will show you how our solution will work.  This might be a nitty gritty version, but it will get us really close to the finished product.


Here comes the fun part!  Colors, fonts, logos, and graphics!  During the design stage we’ll bring that interactive prototype to life in order to match your brand identity.  You don’t have a brand identity?!  We can take care of that too.


Finally we’ll go away for a couple weeks, to double-check that all the bolts are tight, the wires are plugged into the right places, and things behave as they’re supposed to.  The final step is flipping the switch so the site is live on our world class hosting servers – and then this rocket ship is clear to launch!

Ready to blast off?! 

Fill in your particulars. 

We’ll be in touch shortly!